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We’re back!

We hope you're enjoying being back to classes this term!

We have lots of events coming up this term and have made a quick post below about them

Senior drama & Senior dance & soloists/duets - Univeristy of Bedfordshire Cheerleading showcase - 7th February 7:00pm till 9:30pm

Senior drama & Senior dance - Honeycomb Festival - 12th April & 14th April - all day (times to be confirmed nearer April

Through the decades - all classes of 3Keys - 15th July - all day show, details to come

Smarties - please make sure we have returned the smartie tubes by the 1st February

If you know anyone interested in any of our classes please do get them to send us a message. If your child would like to trial our other classes please let us know

We have sibling discounts and multi class discounts.

If you haven't paid for the term please do so asap

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