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Health & Safety Policy

3Keys Performance recognises its legal and ethical duty to create and maintain a working environment that will ensure the health and safety of the company’s staff, users and others who may be affected by their activities. The policy is to provide a high standard of health and safety, which complies with legal health and safety requirements as a minimum standard. The standard will be achieved by:

• Creating and maintaining a positive health and safety culture to which all staff are committed. The company requires staff and contractors at all levels to exercise a duty of care and cooperate in establishing safe and healthy working conditions.

• Meeting its responsibilities to staff, non-staff, members of the public and the environment in a way that recognises that legal requirements are the minimum standard.


Adopting a planned and systematic approach to the implementation of the Policy to ensure:

o The provision of equipment and systems of work that are, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risks to health.

o Arrangements for ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, safety and absence of risks to health in connection with the use, handling, storage and transportation of articles and substances.

o The provision of information, instruction, supervision, and training as necessary to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of its staff.

o The maintenance of any place of work under Thame Youth Theatre’s control, so far as is reasonably practicable, in a condition that is safe and without risks to health, together with the provision and maintenance of safe access and egress to and from it.

o The provision and maintenance of a working environment that is, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe, without risks to health, and adequate as regards facilities and arrangements for welfare.


Adopting a planned approach to the management of health and safety. This shall include:

o Specific risk assessments carried out for each project in order to identify risks, with the aim of eliminating or controlling the risks, so far as is reasonably practicable.

o Allocating adequate resources to meet the requirements of the policy.

o Planning for health and safety, including the setting of realistic short- and long-term objectives, deciding priorities and establishing adequate performance standards.

o Identifying the safety elements within planned development and procurement.

o Monitoring and reviewing on a regular basis the operation of the preventative measures used to ensure high standards are maintained. All policy statements shall be reviewed and revised annually and as necessary and any revisions brought to the attention of the staff. The company will provide competent advice on health and safety matters, ensuring a safe and healthy workplace. The company shall provide relevant safety training and encourage awareness of safety among all staff.



The Board of Trustees are in overall control of the management of safety throughout the company.


Health and Safety Policy 3Keys Performance

4 They are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the implementation of 3Keys Performance Health and Safety Policy. This will be achieved by:

• Detailing the method by which the Policy will be implemented.

• Ensuring the establishment and maintenance of management systems that ensure the assessment of risks and effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of the preventative and protective measures necessary to control the risks.

• Ensuring that health and safety is an integral part of the overall culture and developing a positive attitude to health and safety among managers and staff by visibly demonstrating commitment to achieving a high standard of health and safety performance.

• Ensuring that adequate resources are available to enable the Policy to be implemented.

• Ensuring that an annual report is made available if required, on the health and safety program and position. STAFF Each individual contractor or staff (including Tutors) is expected to take care of the health and safety of the staff within his/her/their control.


It is the responsibility of all staff to adhere to the health and safety policy including: • to cooperate with managers and supervisors to provide a safe and healthy working environment

• to assist 3Keys Performance in complying with any requirements of health and safety legislation which may be in force.

• to use all work items provided by 3Keys Performance in accordance with the training and instruction received.

• to take care for their own health and safety whilst working to avoid injury to themselves or others

• not to intentionally or recklessly interfere or misuse anything provided in the interests of health and safety.

• to report any accidents, dangerous occurrences or faults on property or equipment to the Board immediately.


HEALTH AND SAFETY SUPPORT The Board will act as the Health and Safety Adviser, facilitating and monitoring the implementation of the policy and ensuring that 3Keys Performance complies with current and impending health and safety legislation. These responsibilities will include:

• Monitoring the implementation of 3Keys Performance’s Health and Safety Policy, advising the staff of matters requiring attention.

• Advising the staff to enable them to meet their health and safety responsibilities on such matters as safe working conditions and practices.

• Formulating and implementing safe systems of work, health and safety standards and codes of practice.

• Facilitating and managing risk assessment programs

• Monitoring health and safety records.

• Developing and delivering health and safety training programs as required.

• Disseminating information on accident prevention

• Investigating, where necessary, accidents or incidents at work to establish basic and underlying causes and recommending remedial action to prevent recurrence.

• Monitoring safety performance Health and Safety Policy 3Keys Performance  5

• Liaising with external agencies such as Statutory bodies, Local Authorities and other relevant organisations. The Board will at all times work in close liaison with all staff with the objective of ensuring a safe and health workplace in line with this policy.


HEALTH AND SAFETY ARRANGEMENTS This section of the Policy contains the arrangements for the management of health and safety and details the means by which the aims and objectives of the policy will be met. IMPLEMENTATION The health and safety policy will be implemented through the existing structure and joint consultative processes.

PLANNING The Health & Safety Officer will prepare a health and safety plan, which will outline specific health and safety objectives with realistic timetables for their accomplishment. These objectives will be set out following a status review, which will:

• Compare existing arrangements against the requirements of relevant legislation dealing with health and safety management issues.

• Establish performance standards after analysis of the needs of the company and potential risks.

• Assess the effectiveness of existing resources devoted to health and safety. MONITORING The effectiveness of T3Keys Performance's health and safety policy will be monitored in the following way:

• Accident analysis – Accident/incident reports will be analysed with a view to determining and eliminating their causes. If necessary following audit, arrangements will be made to develop an action plan to amend 3Keys Performance’s procedures and assessments. At this time a review of the Health and Safety Policy should be carried out and any necessary revision made.


RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGY POLICY 3Keys Performance will pursue progressive improvements, which will strive to protect staff from accidents, injury and ill health through the development and implementation of a risk management strategy. The strategy will provide the framework for the development of a robust risk management process throughout the company. The implementation of the Risk Management Strategy will enhance the safety, efficiency and commitment of all staff, reduce the possibility of unnecessary financial expenditure and promote a reputation for the provision of a high-quality working environment. Health and Safety Policy 3Keys Performance


6 The undertaking of suitable and sufficient risk assessments is a legal requirement of The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. 3Keys Performance recognises that risk assessment is an integral part of the safety management system and as such will use it to influence organisational policy in respect of safety plans or objectives. The principal of risk assessment will be adopted and carried out to identify potential hazards, evaluate the risks and implement control measures to minimize or remove the risks. We will undertake a program of risk assessment associated with all its activities. The assessments will be documented and made available to all staff to allow them to carry out their duties in a manner that does not constitute a risk to their health, safety or welfare. Basic principles of risk assessment will follow the strategy below:

• Tasks, process or hazard to be assessed.

• Hazards to staff and others identified in association with any of those above. • Identification of all who may come into contact with any identified hazards.

• Current risk evaluation

• Current control measures employed to protect staff and others.

• Prioritised action for remedial action to reduce risk (if required). The prioritisation of risk will be undertaken by using a simple quantitative method of measurement, e.g. 5 x 5 matrix. This method of ranking indicates the likelihood of an accident/incident occurring against the severity or consequence of that accident/incident.


RISK LIKELIHOOD RISK SEVERITY 1 Very unlikely (difficult to see how this can occur) 1 Minor injury (no treatment or absence) 2 Unlikely (not expected, but can’t be ruled out) 2 Minor injury (requiring first aid/possible absence up to 3 days) 3 Likely (could happen at some stage) 3 Injury (requiring over three days’ absence) 4 Very likely (may occur on a regular basis) 4 Major injury (RIDDOR reportable injury/long term absence) 5 Certain (no doubt about it – it will happen) 5 Death To establish a risk rating commensurate with the hazards identified, the “likelihood score” will be multiplied by the possible “severity score”. This will produce the overall risk rating. This score will determine if the hazards are high, medium or low. Likelihood x Severity = Risk Rating Health and Safety Policy Thame Youth Theatre 7 Low risk – (risk rating 1 – 8) – No action required, situation to be monitored. Medium risk - (risk rating 9 – 15) – Risk is controlled, but further action may be applied to reduce risk further. High risk – (risk rating 16 – 25) – Activity to cease immediately or immediate rectification.


PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION The Manager(s) will co-ordinate all 3Keys Performance’s assessment programs and all staff will co-operate with their formulation, application and review procedures. The Manager(s) will identify, compile and maintain an inventory of all work-related risk activities undertaken by 3Keys Performance’s staff. Each activity will undergo an analysis to determine the need for formal risk assessment. In the event of any uncontrolled risk identification and the requirement of any subsequent remedial action, the following hierarchy of control measures shall be adopted to control the identified risks.

• Eliminate the hazard at source.

• Reduce the hazard at source.

• Isolate the person from the hazard.

• Introduce control measure – e.g. safe systems of work.

• Reduce employee exposure.

• Provision of safety training.

• Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


MONITORING AND REVIEW The results of safety inspections, audits and accident investigations will be used to measure the effectiveness of risk assessments. Where control measures are proven to be ineffective, action will be taken to ensure review of the assessment is undertaken. Risk assessments will be reviewed on:

• The review dates

• Changes to legislation

• Changes to personnel

• Changes to equipment

• Any changes directed by the manufacturers

• Following an accident/incident involving substance

• A complaint.

• Any new guidance published. The Manager(s) shall carry out risk assessments or those designated by the Board to do so. The Manager(s) shall be responsible for the safety of the workplace and shall make regular workplace inspections.


ACCIDENT REPORTING AND INVESTIGATION POLICY Health and Safety Policy 3Keys Performance 8 In compliance with The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR), 3Keys Performance will ensure that all accidents, diseased and dangerous occurrences which come under the scope of the Regulations are reported to the enforcing authority within the timescales set out in the legislation. PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION All staff will ensure that any accidents/incidents are reported immediately or as soon as possible to the Health & Safety Officer. If required, the Health & Safety Officer will investigate the accidents/incidents and recommend action required to prevent recurrence. To ensure standard reporting occurs, the appropriate forms will be used:

• Internal form (Accident book / online form)

• F2508/F2580A (Notification to the enforcing Authority). INTERNAL REPORTING PROCEDURES If an accident occurs to a member of staff or any other person during a Thame Youth Theatre activity, it is the responsibility of all staff to report this to the Manager(s).

• The accident should be reported on the 3Keys Performance accident/incident form

• Return the accident form promptly to the  Manager(s).

• The Health & Safety Officer will investigate the incident as soon as possible after the event and inform the relevant regulatory authority if required. MONITORING AND REVIEW To enable the measurement of safety performance, the Manager(s) report back incidents to the Board. This information will be utilised to identify trends and deficiencies within our safety management systems and allow for corrective action to take place.


FIRE POLICY 3Keys Performance recognises the importance of having effective systems in place to protect against and mitigate the effects of fire. The requirements of legislation will be met in full. To ensure compliance with legislation Thame Youth Theatre will follow and support all customer / supplier procedures designed to protect our staff in the event of a fire or other emergency.


FIRST AID ARRANGEMENTS POLICY 3Keys Performance will ensure First Aid is provided which meets the requirements of the Health and Safety (First Aid Regulations 1981) and the revised Code of Practice.


PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION Health and Safety Policy 3Keys Performance 9 Because of the low-risk nature of Thame Youth Theatre activities, the provisions for First Aid support need only extend to the training of First Aiders and ensuring sites we attend have First Aid provisions.


MONITORING AND REVIEW The provision of First Aid arrangements and equipment will be subject to audits and inspections. Where the process identifies deficiencies in the provisions of first aid cover, the Board will be responsible for corrective action. The results of any accident investigation will be analysed to provide feedback on First Aid cover.


HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES POLICY The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) is intended to protect people from the harmful effects of hazardous substances used at work. It is the Policy of 3Keys Performance to ensure that legal requirements are the minimum standard acceptable for the handling, storage, use and disposal of substances regarded as harmful health. To ensure compliance with statutory provisions, we will ensure the risks associated with the use or generation of hazardous substances are assessed. Exposure to any substance is controlled, so far as is reasonably practicable, in a manner which does not constitute a risk to health, safety and welfare of staff.


PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION In the unlikely event that 3Keys Performance use a substance that meets the COSHH criteria, The Manager(s) will ensure a full inventory of substances used by Thame Youth Theatre is compiled and the current manufacturer’s data sheet is retained (where applicable). In addition, the Manager(s) will be responsible for ensuring assessments are undertaken to ensure exposure is controlled, so far as is reasonably practicable, in a matter which does not constitute a risk to staff, members of the public and the environment.


MONITORING AND REVIEW The use of safety inspections, audits or accident reports and investigations will be the techniques used for this purpose. Where non-compliance is identified, corrective action will be taken to rectify any deficiencies.


MANUAL HANDLING POLICY 3Keys Performance will promote a minimal handling policy to meet the requirements of The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992.


PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION Responsibilities for implementing the Policy will be exercised through the Manager(s) who will ensure that all manual handling activities within 3Keys Performance are assessed and any appropriate measures to minimise the risks to anyone affected are implemented. Manual Handling training shall be arranged for staff wishing to undertake it. Health and Safety Policy3Keys Performance 10 MONITORING AND REVIEW The use of safety inspections, tours, formal safety audits, accident reports and investigations will be the techniques utilised by the Manager(s) in conjunction with relevant personnel for this purpose. Where non-compliance is identified, corrective action requests will be raised to rectify those deficiencies.


MANAGEMENT OF CONTRACTORS POLICY 3Keys Performance, in compliance with its legal obligations, will, prior to the engagement of any contractor hired to undertake work on its behalf, evaluate their compliance with health and safety legislation. The Manager(s) will ensure that all contractors are vetted from a health and safety perspective and that only contractors who can demonstrate their ability to discharge their primary responsibility to safeguard their staff and others, will be contracted by 3Keys Performance will set out the standards it expects and monitor the activities of contractors/subcontractors to minimise the risks presented to staff and others on any site. The selection process will consider all issues, including safety and contractor competence. Where contract work is sub-contracted, the same requirements apply. Companies or individuals who fail to meet the above requirements in full will not undertake work on a contractual basis.


PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION The Manager(s) will, in liaison with the appropriate personnel, ensure - through the process of examination - that the contractor possesses an adequate understanding with regards to health and safety. Contractors shall be made aware of specific risks to their health and safety through the issue of information and documentation supplied by the Manager(s) of any risk to contractors or subcontractors whilst on 3Keys Performance premises. Contractors shall provide on-site supervision based on the level of risk or method statements. Control measures will be utilised in full, to affect the health, safety and welfare of staff and others who may be affected by their undertaking.


MONITORING AND REVIEW To ensure that the safety performance of contractors is measured and documented throughout the duration of contracts, they will be subject to random safety inspections. The Manager(s) will undertake any such inspections. If any deficiencies or non-compliance with statutory requirements are identified, the contractor/sub-contractor will be required to address the situation and comply with safety conditions. If continued failings of compliance are identified, a review of the contract may be undertaken on the grounds of health and safety.


STRESS & MENTAL HEALTH POLICY Health and Safety Policy 3Keys Performance 11 One in four people in the UK will have a mental health problem at some point in life (Source: HSE). 3Keys Performance accepts its responsibility to ensure that all staff are assessed and monitored to prevent the onset of work-related stress or other mental health issue. 3Keys Performance will strive to ensure that the welfare of staff with regard to mental health is maintained at all times, so far as is reasonably practicable.


PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION The Board will co-ordinate a 3Keys Performance assessment programme covering stress, and all staff will co-operate with the formulation of stress risk assessments. Where risk assessments identify areas that may be detrimental to well-being of staff, remedial measures will be discussed between the Board to decide the required application of further control measures. The company will actively encourage staff to seek help and advice for mental health well-being.


MONITORING AND REVIEW In order to comply with the commitment, set out in this Policy, prolonged ill-health and constant individual staff absence will be monitored from sickness records and medical practitioner certificates by the Board to satisfy the 3Keys Performance management of stress is effective.


HEALTH & SAFETY POLICY REVIEW This Policy will be reviewed and modified as required. The review will consider the finding of audits and overall safety performance. The review will provide an opportunity to consider:

• The introduction of new legislation.

• Improvements to 3Keys Performance’s pro-active approach to minimising risk. • Anticipation of organisational change, such as changes to management systems and introduction of new technology.

• Reviewing potential cost-effective changes to minimise risk to people and improve performance.


REPORTING, CONSULTATION AND INFORMATION In addition to keeping an accident book and log of near misses, 3Keys Performance shall instil in its staff and contractors to report any concerns, requests or suggestions with regard to health and safety. The company will meet a minimum of annually with all staff and contractors to discuss any health and safety related issues. Where necessary the Board shall procure the services of an outside company to help with remedying these issues. These Health and Safety meeting shall be minuted and held on record for all employers and contractors to view. The Manager(s) will also be at leave to consult with an outside company or body regarding health and safety at any time at the sole expense of the company. POLICY REVIEW The company shall instigate a policy of continual review of its Health and Safety Policy with a formal review of the policy document annually.

Policy was last updated on 20/01/2022

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